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Sundance Pointe Apartment wide angle view can be experienced in the midst of the beautiful and spectacular geographic configuration of Jacksonville. It is almost at the midpoint between the surrounding three interstate highways, the meandering surrounding bodies of water of St. John’s River on the west and Dame’s Point Turn on the east near the ten islands between St. John’s River and Mill Cove. 

Sundance Pointe Apartment is south of the Jacksonville International Airport and a short driving distance north of Jacksonville University. But the apartment community is closer to the Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport to its southeast. Downtown Jacksonville is also a short driving distance from Sundance Pointe Apartment wide angle view.

The thrill of enjoying the scenic and panoramic beauty of Jacksonville is worth the drive from the Jacksonville International Airport to Sundance Pointe Apartment wide angle view.

The picturesque Sundance Pointe Apartment wide angle view community is built around the Tidewater Lakes, laid out according to the natural geographic contours of the site. From the N Tidewater Lakes Creek to the south end between Tidewater Club Boulevard and E Tidewater Lakes Creek, about 16 large Sundance Pointe Apartment building complexes were built in elegance and laid out in an organically curved and meandering pattern. 

At the south end near the S Tidewater Lakes Creek road are found the resort style swimming pool and the clubhouse. From Edenfield Road, you can enter the gated Sundance Pointe Apartment wide angle view community at Tidewater Marsh Drive. 

Two volleyball courts, a playground and BBQ/picnic area are also found at the eastside of the Sundance Pointe Apartment site. The Sundance community is surrounded by clusters of similar apartment communities as part of its immediate neighborhood on the west, east and south sides. The north is the panoramic water area known as Dames Point Turn, a part of Sundance Pointe Apartment wide angle view.

You can brisk walk or jog around the circle of the Sundance Pointe Apartment community roads and discover the magnificent wooded areas on the Southside along Tidewater Club Boulevard and Tidewater Marsh Drive and experience the Sundance Pointe Apartment wide angle view.

At the frontage center of each apartment structure is found a wide patio-like viewing area embedded with vertical steel railings at the second and third floors where groups of people can look at the expanse outside. This open area gives breathing space to residents and guests to feel the Sundance Pointe Apartment wide angle view.

Come and visit the Sundance Pointe Apartment and see the difference. We can provide you a tour of the community at 5681 Edenfield Road Jacksonville, FL 32277. Our office hours are from Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. For directions you can call us at (904) 745-5757, or send us a message through our website .


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